In-situ electron microscopy is an important tool for imaging atomistic events specifically coupled with physical properties. We build an electrical characterizing system inside transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to reveal the origins of phase changing behavior. While electronic non-volatile devices are operated by electric pulses, we identified the motions of atomic defect structures such as dislocations play a crucial role as a precursor for amorphization process. 

Nano-Bio Devices

Diagnostic device is important for cancer early detection. We introduce semiconductor-fabrication methods to build nano-bio devices. Micro- or nano-fluidic channels serve as platforms to visualize the motions of biomolecules, which allows us to study the physical dynamics and the chemical reactions involved in proteins and nucleotide molecules. We investigate biological events by tracking the single molecular motions and their reactions.


High resolution patterning is an essential element to construct semiconductor devices. We employ electron beam lithography (EBL) to build electronic devices coupled with nano-bio chips. By coupling the nanofluidic channels with electronics, we study physical trapping behaviors of single molecules.